Scootaloo (Wysteria Pose)

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There’s so much to do on an island as magical as this that a pony needs a zippy scooter just to get it all done! Put SCOOTALOO on her scooter, but make sure she wears her safety helmet. . . its visor goes up and down! Pull back on the scooter, and it zips forward! Style her pretty hair and put on her backpack so she’ll be ready for a fun day of catching and releasing butterflies!

    Unleash childhood nostalgia with "Scootaloo", a vintage addition to your My Little Pony collection from the early 2000s! Embrace your passion and indulge in this rare find from Generation 3 - capturing all the magic and wonder of the beloved franchise. A must-have for any collector or fan!


    • Condition: Excellent! 
    • Hair is soft, shiny and uncut.
    • No real visible marks(see images)
    • She has been completely cleaned and conditioned.
    • Overall nice condition

    Please make sure to look closely at photos! 



    • May have some minor flaws we didn’t catch
    • Overall very nice condition from a smoke free home!



      “Scootaloo” is a vintage toy, and comes as is. We do our best to photograph every toy to the best of our ability, but we may miss things. We do not accept any returns, or exchanges. As we have many many items to photograph and list, we cannot honor requests for additional photos of every single item. We do our best to provide ample views and focus on any flaws the toy may have. Please be aware that these are old toys and are not always in the most perfect of conditions. Purchase at your own discretion.

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