About Us:

Shottsy arts was created as a small startup in Columbus, Ohio from the creative mind and art of Shana Schottenstein aka (Shottsy) and her long time partner and husband Randall Schottenstein who helped her for three years to take her show on the road. Right now we are a small company with only the two of us our three cats, and our multitude of creative characters that help inspire us and others as we have traveled across the US peddling our wares, and inspiring others to reignite their own passion for art and writing.

It is our mission to not only express my own creative passion through functional and high quality items, but to ignite that joy and passion in others.


Shana (Shottsy) Schottenstein

Shana is the creative mastermind behind the operation. She is always coming up with new ideas, and is a multitasking master. The only thing she hasn’t quite figured out how to do yet is sleep.

Randall Schottenstein

Husband, Navigator, Display manager, and encourager and supporter of Shottsy’s creative endeavors. He also helps keep her on the ground so she doesn’t float away with her head in the clouds, or drown in her own projects.

Seraphim Unifrero

Seraphim is our mascot, and muse. He helps keep Shottsy focused (Sometimes) motivated to create, and helps inspire people to embrace their differences,and weirdness.

He will soon be featured in her fantasy novel, as well as features in her slife of life comic “Amused”.

Our products

Desmond Schottenstein

Senior box checker, Product sniffer, Expert in Softness.
Fluent in Fuzz-Fuzzian.

Desmond has been with us for 14 years and hasn’t yet retired. He enjoys working.

Marbles Schottenstein

Model, Reception, Assistant Box Checker.

Toast Schottenstein

Junior Trainee, Play tester.

Raisin Schottenstein (2010-2022)

Raisin was with our company for 11 years. She is the record holder for “Cat of the Month” and was an excellent sales rep, and product inspector. She took great pride in her work even if she wasn’t always the best at managing budgets. She worked up until her final days this Jaunary.

Our products