Princess Gold Lily

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Pony: Princess Gold Lily_01
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My Little Pony G4

Experience the magic of Princess Gold Lily, part of the "Cutie Mark Magic" line of toys by Hasbro. Released in 2015 as a two pack with Pinkie Pie, this majestic and rare G4 pony embodies the grace and elegance of Princess Luna and Celestia. Don't miss the chance to add this collector's item to your collection!

1. Princess Gold Lily_01

  • Condition: Excellent!
  • Looks to have been displayed only. 
  • Hair is original and not dry or frizzy
  • Pink stripe in hair is still bright pink! (Has a tendency to fade with age)
  • No visible marks
  • Overall great condition and a fine piece to add to any collection!



  • May have some minor flaws we didn’t catch
  • Overall very nice condition from a smoke free home!



    “Princess Gold Lily” is a “used toy”, and comes as is. We do our best to photograph every toy to the best of our ability, but we may miss things. We do not accept any returns, or exchanges. As we have many many items to photograph and list, we cannot honor requests for additional photos of every single item. We do our best to provide ample views and focus on any flaws the toy may have. Please be aware that these are old toys and are not always in the most perfect of conditions. Purchase at your own discretion.

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