MLP Description Terms and their Meanings:

 “Pony Cancer” 

Pony cancer is a bit like it sounds.

Growing dark shadows seem to grow within the plastic as the vinyl breaks down with age. This condition seems to be especially prominent in blue ponies, for some reason. Just like the sad term for people, when this happens there is really nothing you can do. Just love your pony and accept that it must live with it.





Pin Dot: 

These old vinyl toys are porous and as kids we’d sometimes play with them outside. Little bits of dirt can sometimes get trapped giving the pony the appearance of having “Blackheads”. 


To save money, Hasbro used to mix leftover plastics cast some of the ponies, which forty years later seem to age differently. This can expeically be seen in pinks which will show up as brightly colored splotches.

Pony Cancer:



Coined from the infamous slimy villain of the My little Pony movie, Smooze is a sticky greasy substance that seems to ooze out of the pony. This has been attributed to plasticizer leaching from age. The placticizer gives the pony its squishy feel. You can continue to clean smooze away, but eventually this causes the pony to feel very hard.

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